Invisible Bicycle Helmet (She's Wearing One)

It's called Hovding, a real IKEA sounding name and it actually comes from two Swedish design students named Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin. They began noodling the idea at the same time Sweden's law on bicycle helmets for children under 15 came in. Legislators wanted the law to also apply to adults.

This idea started out as an industrial design master thesis at Lund University in the spring of 2005.

Anna and Terese won the Venture Cup competition in 2006 with their idea and have spent the time raising capital and perfecting their invention.


There now is a team of 16 working on this helmet and in my opinion it's genius. Talk about "thinking outside of the box", a trite phrase but it sure applies here.

The first video below is the more enjoyable because it catches the true spirit of the women and the project. The 2nd video is a report on the helmet. What do you think? LEAVE COMMENTS.

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This model (before and after) looks pretty good considering she just (theoretically) crashed her bike.