TIFF again!!!! A little perspective please....

Every year it is the same thing.  The media in Toronto ignores whatever might be happening elsewhere in the world and turns its gaze exclusively on the TIFF.  These past few days we’ve had elections and shootings .  We’ve had the opening of football season, hurricanes and earthquakes but if you happened to be in Canada’s biggest city, you’d be hard pressed to find info on anything other than Kevin Kline sightings, Robert Redford eating tacos on Queen Street and a whole page of photos of actors most Canadians would be hard pressed to name. I’m an actor and I’ve been in the arts most of my life but I’m still amazed by the amount of time spent covering the arrival of the worlds movie elite to the city we used to affectionately call Hog Town.  We’ve gone so far in the past as to change our liquor laws for fear the hoi polloi might think us some sort of cultural backwater.  Reporters for all the TO media spend most of their time at after parties and NOT even at the films themselves.  Yes it’s a big deal.  But is it THAT big a deal??  
It’s just our national inferiority complex coming out.  After all these years we still need the approval of the rest of the world to make us feel good about ourselves.  And every time I feel we are pulling ourselves out of that need for a nod from REAL celebrities…along comes the TIFF to prove me wrong again…

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