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   SCHEDULE (2016-2017 Regular Season)

September 23 Niagara   North Bay   7:00 PM  
September 30 Kingston   Niagara   7:00 PM  
October 1 Hamilton   Niagara   7:00 PM  
October 2 Niagara   Peterborough   2:00 PM  
October 6 Erie   Niagara   7:00 PM  
October 9 Niagara   Sudbury   2:00 PM  
October 10 Niagara   North Bay   2:00 PM  
October 13 Sarnia   Niagara   7:00 PM  
October 15 Oshawa   Niagara   7:00 PM  
October 19 Erie   Niagara   7:00 PM  
October 21 Niagara   Mississauga   7:00 PM  
October 27 Saginaw   Niagara   7:00 PM  
October 28 Barrie   Niagara   7:00 PM  
October 29 Niagara   Owen Sound   7:30 PM  
November 3 Hamilton   Niagara   7:00 PM  
November 4 North Bay   Niagara   7:00 PM  
November 8 Niagara   Peterborough   7:00 PM


November 11 Barrie   Niagara   7:00PM  
November 12 Sudbury   Niagara   7:00PM  
November 16 Niagara   Hamilton   10:30AM


November 18 Ottawa   Niagara   7:00PM  
November 19 London   Niagara   7:00PM  
November 25 Sudbury   Niagara   7:00PM  
November 26 Niagara   Barrie   7:30PM  
November 27 Niagara   Sudbury   2:00PM  
December 2 Niagara   Flint   7:00PM  
December 3 Niagara   Saginaw   7:00PM  
December 4 Niagara   Sarnia   2:00PM  
December 7 Niagara   Erie   7:00PM  
December 8 Soo   Niagara   7:00PM  
December 10 Mississauga   Niagara   7:00PM  
December 16 Niagara   Oshawa   7:30PM  
December 17 Windsor   Niagara   7:00PM  
December 29 Niagara   Barrie   7:30PM  
December 30 Niagara   Mississauga   7:00PM  
December 31 Kingston   Niagara   6:00PM  
January 4 Niagara   Erie   7:00PM  
January 6 Peterborough   Niagara   7:00PM  
January 7 Niagara   Hamilton   7:00PM  
January 12 Ottawa   Niagara   7:00PM  
January 13 Flint   Niagara   7:00PM  
January 14 Niagara   Barrie   7:30PM  
January 17 Niagara   Guelph   7:00PM  
January 19 Guelph   Niagara   7:00PM  
January 21 Niagara   Windsor   7:00PM  
January 22 Niagara   London   2:00PM  
Janaury 27 Niagara   Kingston   7:00PM  
January 28 Niagara   Ottawa   2:00PM  
February 2 Mississauga   Niagara   7:00PM  
February 3 Peterborough   Niagara   7:00PM  
February 4 Niagara   Hamilton   7:00PM  
February 7 Niagara   Kitchener   7:00PM  
February 10 Barrie   Niagara   7:00PM  
February 11 North Bay   Niagara   7:00PM  
February 16 Niagara   North Bay   7:00PM  
February 18 Niagara   Soo   7:00PM  
February 19 Niagara   Sudbury   2:00PM  
February 24 Niagara   Kingston   7:00PM  
February 26 Niagara   Ottawa   2:00PM  
March 2 Kitchener   Niagara   7:00PM  
March 3 Niagara   Erie   7:00PM  
March 5 Erie   Niagara   2:00PM  
March 9 Owen Sound   Niagara   7:00PM  
March 10 Hamilton   Niagara   7:00PM  
March 12 North Bay   Niagara   2:00PM  
March 16 Mississauga   Niagara   7:00PM  
March 18 Sudbury   Niagara   7:00PM  
March 19 Niagara   Mississauga   2:00PM  


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