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NRP looking for two missing youths in Welland
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Niagara Regional Police need your help locating two young children in Welland.

Police say the two youths are from the Quaker Road/Niagara Street area of the city.

Cops are looking for 11 year old Brianna Burke who is around five feet tall and weighs 90 pounds.

Brianna has blue eyes, is slender with a light complexion, strawberry blond hair which she wears straight.

She has hoop earrings and is wearing light coloured track pants, black and white puma shoes and a fluorescent green hoodie saying "love pink" on the back.

The other youth is 12 year old Brendan Scaduto who is around 5'5" inches tall and weighs around 100 pounds.

Brendan is slender with green eyes, light complexion and dirty blonde hair.

He was possibly wearing black or grey jeans, a white hoodie with grey lines and black DC shoes with neon orange and green on them.                                                                                           
Anyone with information regarding the location of Brendan and Brianna should call the Niagara Regional Police Service immediately at 905-688-4111 ext 3300.