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Latest Marineland blog has former employees upset
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The latest blog posting from Marineland has former employees upset.

The blog highlights a recent survey conducted by a Toronto newspaper that indicated Marineland is still a favourite destination for Ontarians.  This, despite allegations the park has mistreated its animals.

In the posting, Marineland saying it's "deeply touched" by the honour and is promising it will try even harder to entertain and educate park visitors next season.

It goes on to say that its staff and veterinarians remain busy taking care of the animals during the off-season. It speaks to the older animals in particular, those that have retired from performing that "need the tender loving care that everything needs later in life."

As for the rest of the animals, the blog also says right now it's "playtime for the animals - rest time when they’re ready and mealtime when they are hungry."

Former staff aren't happy with the blog post.

Phil Demers, one of several former employees who blew the whistle on alleged mistreatment of the animals at the park, says while he is sure the veterinarians are busy, he finds the blog "personally deplorable" pointing to the number of photos and videos that have been made public, saying it speaks for itself.

The blog posting can be found here.