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LCHS looking for owner of severly injured German Shepherd
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The Lincoln County Humane Society is asking for your help in locating the owner of a severely injured dog they found wandering the streets of Thorold.

Officers say the one year old male German Shepherd suffered obvious trauma and was transported to a St. Catharines vet.

In a media release the LCHS says at the clinic the dog was scared, in extreme pain and had to be sedated in order to be treated.

Twenty two bites were found on the dog including 11 on the neck and nine on the back legs.

At the moment the dog named Tyson is awake, quiet, and calm.

His prognosis is good but doctors say infection is a concern.

Officers with the LCHS are asking for help in finding the owner, or witnesses, to determine what exactly happened to Tyson.

It is believed Tyson was attacked by two dogs or possibly two coyotes.