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Niagara Students Getting a Break on Tuition


Starting today, Ontario students can go online to apply for a rebate on their tuition fees.

The McGuinty government is making good on a campaign promise to take 30 per cent off the average cost of tuition.

Director of Student Awards and Financial Aid at Brock University Rico Natale says he is pleased to be participating in a program that spreads out funds to more students than just the ones on OSAP.

Natale says the tuition discount will make things more affordable for students in Niagara.

For students accessing the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) the money will be deposited directly into their account.

For those who don't, but still qualify, log onto the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities website to apply online.

To qualify for the grant, students must be less than four years out of high school and their parents' gross income can't be more than 160 thousand dollars.

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News in Niagara

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