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Brock U wine program getting cash from the province


A local program is pulling some funding off the vine regarding wine-making.

The Brock Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute is getting the cash from the province to help in developing hardier grape vines to deal with swings in the weather.

Director Debbie Inglis says an early weather-warning system will be developed as well; to help growers deal with cold snaps during the winter.

Inglis adds that they want to develop new 'post-harvest' techniques, to create some new signature wine styles.

She points out the research will also help vineyard operators deal with variations in the growing season.

19 researchers will be working on the project, which will get just over 2 point 8 million dollars.

Wine is big business in Niagara and the rest of the province; every year, taxpayer's kick in one-billion dollars to the economy with their purchases of wine made in Ontario.


News in Niagara

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